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Rediscovering Warhammer 40,000

This blog started in 2010, with me talking about some heavy weapons for my Imperial Guard army.  Since then, I've finished that army and around three or four years ago I got thoroughly disillusioned with Games Workshop and discovered the joys of historical gaming.  I kept playing the odd patrol clash game, but otherwise pretty much focussed entirely on historicals since that fateful day.

But recently, I've rediscovered the joys of Games Workshop and even gone so far as to buy some models.  When I gave up GW, I said I might still use old models and home brew rules to play small scale games.  But recently, a friend mentioned Shadow War - it's basically everything I liked about GW.  Nice, small action-packed games, with few models required.  The rules feel quite a lot like Necromunda, with the same 'knocked down - stunned - dead' injury system.  It's readily compatible with campaign systems and injury charts from those days.

I particularly liked the fact that the …

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